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Smart Industrial Remoting: Remote Working in Non-digitalised Industries - Pilot ...
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Task 5
The description of Task 5 on p.11 ToR states that there should be 5 reports (one for each experiment), suggesting that there are also 5 toolboxes. However, the descriptions of deliverables 10 and 12 (p. 14) speak of only 1 experiment results report and one toolbox. Could you confirm what are the exact deliverables? Are there a) 5 experiments reports and 5 toolboxes, b) 1 experiment report and 1 toolbox or c) a combination of the previous two options?
As stated on page 11, under task 5: “At the end of each experiment, the contractor will provide a final study…The study shall include the implementation steps taken during the experiment and comprehensive outcomes and a tool box including policy and technical recommendations.” Therefore, there should be one final study report, including a toolbox, for each of the 5 experiments.