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Eurostat external user support.
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European Commission, DG EUROSTAT
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Tender specifications - Lot 5
Question 1: "2.2 Volume of the contract" Eurostat stated figures for anticipated numbers of user requests 2014-2018 Lot 5 English 4500 500 18000 2000 where: 4500 = Anticipated maximum number of standard user requests in one year 500 = Anticipated maximum of non-standard (complex) user requests in one year 18000 = Anticipated total of standard user requests over 4 years 2000 = Anticipated total of non-standard (complex) user requests in one year. What is the justification for quoting the above figures?
As indicated in the tender specifications on page 6 - Section 2.2 Volume of the contract: "Please note that the figures are estimations and the total value of the contracts will depend on the number of requests Eurostat will order. However, the Commission cannot commit itself to order the number of requests given in the estimation." The estimated maximum amount of requests is based on a historical time period of the last 9 years.