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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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Uploading documents to portal
On page 9 of the tender specifications it is stated “tenders must be presented as follows: Part A: Identification of the tenderer, Part B: Non-exclusion, Part C: Selection, Part D: Technical offer, Part E: Financial Offer”. On looking at the e-submission portal, the requested documents in the 'Parties' section need to be uploaded under the following categories: Legal and regulatory capacity, Economic and financial capacity, Technical and professional capacity, Exclusion criteria, Other documents. Please can you confirm which of the required documents need to be uploaded under which category as this differs from the Parts A-E listed on page 9.
The bidder should upload the documents in each of the corresponding part of the portal on the basis of the content. In case of doubt, and if a document does not correspond to the title in the portal, the bidder should upload the document under “others”.