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Framework Contract for the Development of ICT Software Solution for EBCG Team Me...
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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polski (pl)
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Work Place
We would like to clarify the terms of potential cooperation, especially the place and form. Does Frontex require the presence of the Team on site in its office (Poland, Warsaw), or the Team should work from the Contractor's office or based on the actual situation with the coronavirus, is there the possibility of full remote work?
In accordance with the chapter 4.4.5. Place of performance of Annex I: “It is assumed that majority of services under the contract shall be executed outside Frontex’ premises however Frontex may request to carry out the work at its premises or at ‘other locations’. In cases of services ordered by Frontex for execution at locations other than FX premises, the reimbursement of incurred travel expenses will be made by Frontex. Every time the place of performance shall be indicated in Specific Contract”. The request to carry out the work at Frontex premises or at other locations (if applicable) will depend on the actual situation with the coronavirus in Poland, other locations (if applicable) and in the country where the contractor is established.