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Service contract for providing support in relation to the implementation of the ...
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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English (en)
Detaillierte Angaben zur Frage
Tender Specifications
1/ The tender specifications refer to the production of in total 9 documents, namely so called “In depth reports” and “Policy briefs”. We assume that these documents have to be produced in English. Can you confirm this assumption? 2/ Tender specifications refer to “Criterion A2: The tenderer must prove capacity to work in at least English, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Dutch”. Could you please further specify in which context the language skills will be necessary and for which Clusters? This is very important to us, in particular if scientific writing skills in one of the above mentioned languages are required.
1/ Yes the 9 documents foreseen under cluster 1 will have to be drafted in English. 2/ The language skills specified in criterion A2 are essential under all clusters to ensure the team gets properly acknowledged of essential information available on soil research, soil management, soil policy, etc. which would not be (fully) available in English.