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Framework contract for the provision of services in the areas of evaluation, imp...
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European Commission, DG Health and Food Safety (SANTE)
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On core team of experts and commitment to be involved in specific assignments
On page 28 it is stated the teams proposed for the requests for services shall consist of at least one member of the core team of the framework contract as project manager and, depending on the nature of the services to be provided, thematic, national or other experts as relevant. To our understanding, the implementation of specific assignments requires the nomination of a project manager that has already been included in the core team presented in the proposal submitted for the subject framework contract. However, the remaining members of the specific assignment team, may constitute experts included in the core team OR further/additional experts and provided that changes ni the core team are reported to the Contracting Authority for their approval (as per the provision on page 22 of the tender specs). Please specify if our interpretation is correct.
Your interpretation is correct.