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IT Infrastructure services
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Page Limits
With reference to section “3.2.3. Technical and Professional Capacity” of the Tender Specifications, in order to pass the selection phase, Tenderers need to submit as evidence “A description of the tenderer's professional activity (maximum of 3 A4-pages, font Times New Roman, size 12) including activities with regard to the scope of this call for tender.” Our understanding is that, in case of a joint tender with several entities involved, the page limit of 3 A4-pages applies to each consortium member’s description separately and not to the Consortium’s descriptive document as a whole. Could you please confirm our understanding? The same question applies also to the document that needs to be provided related to the “Roadmap for the implementation of the security controls after signature of the relevant specific contract”
The limit of 3 pages should be applied regardless if single economic operator or consortium.