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Eurostat external user support.
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European Commission, DG EUROSTAT
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Tender specifications - Lot 5
Question 4. Lot 5 - "The Commission may exercise the option to increase the estimated market amount at a later stage via negotiated procedure with the successful tenderer in accordance with Art. 134(1) (f) of the rules of application of Regulation." If the request numbers remain the same, or diminish as one would expect through efficiency and improvement, what other services may be required by Eurostat under a further negotiated procedure? Might this involve other project or administration work not related to user support, or services which are an adjunct to user support but carried out intra-muros?
The use of this procedure is only an option for the Commission. For example, this option could be used if the number of user requests received is higher than expected, in order to ensure continuity of service pending the signature of a framework contract following a new call for tender.