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Cooperative Intelligent Transport System EU Root Certification Authority includi...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR)
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EN-04 Financial offer Evaluation table
In the EN-04 Financial offer Evaluation table, more exactly in the row 25, Base services provision, is not clear if the price inserted in this specific row is guaranteed and will be paied for whole period of the phase 2 (4 years) and it is not clear whether it is to be considered independently of the increase in the values ​​entered in line 26, 27, 28 relating to the cost of the individual units of the stations and of the EA-AAs.
The second phase of the contract is regulated by a framework contract, and services will be ordered by specific contract(s). The contracting authority is not bind to purchase for the maximum contract amount. A specific contract, that defines the services ordered, will be paid. Each price should be quoted independently. The evaluation table will be used for the award of the contract, whereas the table Annex II Prices will be used as a price list.