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Uptake of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by SMEs and Start-ups
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Regarding technical criteria A4
Dear Sir/Madam, I have a question with regard to technical criteria A4. Terms of Reference state that in addition to the references of at least two projects “the tenderer must prove that it has contacts in the rest of the EU countries that are not covered by its project experience but which form part of the geographical coverage of its offer, to ensure the required geographical coverage”. I wonder if the references for projects that cover all EU countries is considered as a proof that we have contacts in all of the EU countries. I am also interested to know what else could qualify as evidence. Would it be enough to provide a list of our national contact points or should they be included in the project team as subcontractors? Also, I wonder if we need evidence that we have contacts in non-EU countries that are part of the geographical coverage of our offer. Currently, the criteria talks only about the EU countries, so we presume that the evidence for the coverage of non-EU countries is not necessary.
Dear Madam/Sir, According to the technical specifications point 1.4.2. Geographical scope of the tasks, "The study must cover at least 15 EU Member States and at least 3 countries selected among the candidate/potential candidate countries participating in COSME programme. The country selection must be justified in the technical offer and must be geographically balanced." Evidence related to criterion A4 makes reference to the required geographical coverage, which include also at least 3 candidate/potential candidate countries participating in COSME programme. A list of your national contact points would suffice as evidence for A4 criterion.