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Please note that the deadline for the submission of tenders has been extended until 29th March 2016 (17h00 in case of hand delivery.
Film-making services.
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European Court of Auditors (ECA)
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Question details
Financial offer
Does the financial offer correspond only to the proposal made in reply to point 9.1 b) of the Tender specifications or does it correspond to our entire proposal?
The financial offer contains many different categories of videos/films (Tasks) for which a unit price shall be indicated depending on the duration of video/film (1, 2, 3 and 4-minutes). The quality of your proposal in reply to point 9.1 b) "2 minute video in English designed to introduce the European Court of Auditors to new MEPs" (Annex 2 Tender specifications) shall be reflected in the unit price indicated for a 2-minute film/video in Form 7 of Annex 3. The tenderer, depending on the proposal, shall choose the most appropriate category (Tasks A-D or F) and indicate the unit price for the proposal made under 9.1.b). By way of example, if a tenderer puts forward a proposal for film/video which corresponds to the description of Task A (shooting in Luxembourg or Brussels), then the price for the production and all related services of such a film/video shall be provided under category “Task A 2-minutes film”. If the tenderer in reply to point 9.1 b) decides to make a proposal for an animated videos (Task F) then the unit price for the production of such video shall be included under category Task F 2-minutes film.