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Cleaning, Waste Management and other Related Services
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European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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Question details
Annex II - Costing sheet
You are requesting rental prices as well as purchase prices for waste bins. For the presses and for organic waste however an exchange system is used. Therefore tenderers will be able to provide you with rental prices only. How do you want us to deal with this in the costing sheet?
In those cases the applicable rows of column G in sheet 2. Waste management shall be left blank. Please note that as per the technical specifications tenderers are also requested to provide a catalogue of available bins, which potentially could be rented/ordered by EMA in the future, e.g. if the existing furniture changes. The catalogue of available bins shall be complete and must contain the relevant rates/prices and must be submitted in addition to the Costing sheet (Annex II). It shall be noted however that the catalogue will not form part of the evaluation. The contractor may update the catalogue of available bins in the future, in line with new market innovations and waste streams. The prices/rates proposed to the Agency for any items in the updated catalogue shall not be higher than the contractor’s official catalogue price list.