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Study on Sustainability Ratings and Research
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry,Entrepreneurshipand SMEs (...
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Identified subcontractors
In order to enhance the reach of our coverage, we plan to use five specialist independent subcontractors. They are each likely to receive <5% of the total project value and, in aggregate, they will receive <20%. We do not depend on any of them to meet the selection criteria (and the reason for using them is simply to enhance the quality of the project). We will be happy to identify them. Do we, however, have to seek formal documentation from them all (e.g. Letter of Intent, Dec on Honour etc). The first of the sentences below suggests that they do not have to be identified (as they fall beneath the threshold). However, the last sentence suggests that we might subsequently need written approval to use them. "Tenderers are required to identify the subcontractor(s) whose share of the contract is above 10% and document their willingness to accept the tasks and the terms and conditions set out in the tender specifications via a letter of intent (model provided in Annex 6) Full details of such subcontractors must also be provided in Annex 2. During contract implementation, the change of any subcontractor proposed in the tender or additional subcontracting will have to be subject to prior written approval of the contracting authority."
For subcontractors whose share of the contract is below 10%, there is no obligation to provide the documentation nor to identify them in the tender (of course you are free to do so). The last sentence refers to possible changes of any of the identified subcontractors or new subcontractors with a share above 10%, once the contract is ongoing. In that case, prior approval of the contracting authority is needed.