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Please see updated versions of the Instructions to the tenderers and Tender Submission Form.
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Question details
In document AA-010317-003- ToRs for lot 3, on page 12, chapter 6.1.1
Related to the specific experience required in contract management / implementation, please clarify if the value envisaged is (i) that of the contract signed between the main consultancy services provider and the contracting authority (i.e. the overall value that had to be managed) or (ii) the final value settled (total amount paid) by the contracting authority, or is (iii) the proportional value carried out by the expert.
As a general rule, the profile defined at point 6.1.1 of the ToRs represents the set of technical evaluation factors for the candidate's proposed expert, while the corresponding provisions of the ITT represent selection criteria for candidates. As per the ITT, only candidates that meet the selection criteria will qualify for the subsequent stage of technical evaluation. In the case of the technical evaluation factors set forth in ToRs at point 6.1.1, the rule of "successful past experience" of the candidate's expert applies: for contracts successfully completed by the tender submission deadline the contract values, as specified in the signed contracts, will be considered, while for those not completed by the tender submission deadline only the portion executed and paid by the said deadline will be considered.