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Providing support to the assessment of the Water Framework Directive and Floods ...
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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Providing support to the assessment of the Water Framework Directive and Floods Directive 's plans and implementation Reference: ENV.C.l/SER/2015/0029
1. Could be the tender be specific for one watershed or may include all the watersheds from the Member State? The specifications state: ” The most efficient assessment scale (MS or RBD/UoM) will be chosen for each topic and MS. As a rule, RBD/UoM will be selected only when the methodological approach was not fully harmonised at MS level.”. 2. I understand in terms of funding that there is a maximum limit of 2.000.000 or 2,5.000.000 € although I do not have clear if there is a minimum limit as well. 3. Would it be possible to present a TENDER with two coordinators? Thank you for your help.
1. The evaluation of the 2nd RBMPs should cover all river basin districts of all Member States. Only when the methodologies are not harmonised at national level, a separate assessment for each river basin or region will be necessary. Otherwise, the contractor should only evaluate the national approach to a given topic. 2. The budget range for this tender is between 2 500 000 and 2 850 000 EUR. The specifications under 2.7 state "Any offers received that do not respect the upper limit will be automatically excluded from the evaluation procedure. The lower limit is indicative." 3. No, it is not possible to have two coordinators. The Commission needs one central contact point.