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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Financial Identification form and supportive documents
In the Tender specifications there is requested at the section “IDENTIFICATION OF THE TENDERER: LEGAL CAPACITY AND STATUS” Financial Identification form and supportive documents. Considering the fact that the Financial identification form is a document signed by both the Bank and by the account holder (Company), please confirm that it is enough to submit the Financial identification Form. If there are needed other documents, please exemplify the supporting evidence requested.
As per the instruction in the form: It is preferable to attach a copy of RECENT bank statement. Please note that the bank statement has to confirm all the information listed above under 'ACCOUNT NAME', 'ACCOUNT NUMBER/IBAN' and 'BANK NAME'. With an attached statement, the stamp of the bank and the signature of the bank's representative are not required. The signature of the account-holder and the date are ALWAYS mandatory.