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Following the new release of the eSubmission application the instructions for eSubmission have been updated in the following documents: Invitation to tender, Tender specifications.
EGNOS high accuracy service analysis.
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry,Entrepreneurshipand SMEs (...
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Información relativa a la pregunta
Submitting a tender & annex
To submit a proposal that meets all the requirements several annexes have to be submitted. Those annexes are added to the TENDER SPECIFICATIONS document. This is a scanned pdf file. In this state we cannot use these annexes, because we cannot alter them. The mentioned documents, models or links are not accessible, or it is not possible to find the right version. Could you please provide all the documents that are needed for a proposal in separate files that we can alter? For example Word or Excel? This will make the submitting of a proposal more user friendly for all interested parties.
Dear, Please notice that under the tab 'Document library' the annexes of the tender specifications are attached in Word.