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Provision of travel agency services, meeting attendance registration and booking...
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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Bid's Documents
Do you confirm that the documents to be presented in tender, in addition to Technical and Financial document, are exclusively: - Declaration of honour on selection criteria (In this form, regarding paragraph 2.4.B is enough to declare the technical and professional capacity or is necessary provide CCIAA, Iata Certification, References, etc?) - Declaration of honour on exclusion criteria - Administrative Data with Legal Entity Form and Financial Identification Form ? Thank you
The documents to be included in the tender are listed in page 41 of the tender specifications, section “How to Submit your Tender in e-Submission”. 1. Signed declaration on honour on exclusion criteria (Annex 4) 2. Signed declaration on honour on selection criteria (Annex 5) 3. Technical tender 4. Financial tender (Annex 1 – Financial Offer template) The administrative data form with Legal Entity Form and Financial Identification Form (Annex 6) must also be submitted with your offer. As regards to the declaration on selection criteria, it is not enough to declare the technical and professional capacity. Please refer to the table (column Evidence) on page 33 of the tender specifications, paragraph 2.4.b, where the documents to be provided are clearly indicated. (i.e. it is necessary to provide evidence of enrolment in the professional or commercial/trade registration imposed by the country in which the tenderer is established and IATA registration; references to the named clients are not required but may be requested at the level of contract award).