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Event/meeting management and promotion services.
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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italiano (it)
Información relativa a la pregunta
Allegato 8 pag. 5 domanda n. 9: Event ROI - Propose additional indicators to assess the return on investment (ROI) of the event and indicate how these would be measured.
Che tipo di Ritorno sull'Investimento (ROI) sugli eventi è richiesto? Qualitativo e/o qualitativo? E' possibile riportare un esempio esplicativo?
As stated in the tender specifications, EFSA is seeking a provider that can act as a business partner and provide guidance on strategic issues. Therefore, we expect the tenderer to elaborate on this point and recommend, based on its experience, qualitative and quantitative indicators to measure the return on investment of an event taking into account the expected impact that is mentioned in the test case (i.e. enhanced reputation and outreach to early career researchers). The quality of the response is actually one of the parameters that will be taken into account by the selection board to assess the technical offer of a tenderer.