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Form 3 Agreement/Power of attorney art. (1) of both models – “The European Court of Auditors has awarded Contract № …. To Company …..”.
Can we consider the words "has awarded" as a technical mistake, as the power of attorney is necessary to be submitted with the Offer, before the award of the Contract?
In line with point A.13.1 of the Tender specifications which stipulates that "Partners in a joint offer assume joint and several liabilities towards the Court for the performance of the Contract as a whole" the provided models of "Power of attorney" cover not only the phase of the offer submission (designation of Group Leader and power of attorney to Group Leader) but also the phase of contract's performance (remaining articles). In light of the above clarification the statement "“The European Court of Auditors has awarded Contract № …. to Company …..” is correct as it applies to the phase of contract's performance.