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Framework Contract for Procurement of Crisis Management Consultancy
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Información relativa a la pregunta
Additional consultancy services
In the terms of references, section 5.7, it is stated that consultancy services should be provided throughout the year. Should the tenderer provide a daily/hourly rate for this service and/or indicate the number of days/hours needed to provide this service?
Please be advised, that the document of Annex II – Terms of References has been amended. The new version named Annex II Terms of Reference (corrected after QA) has been uploaded to the document library. According to the Section 5.7 of the Terms of References the consultancy services should be provided up to 85 hours yearly by the contractor from their own premises, via email, video conference or phone calls. Consequently, these changes are reflected in the changed Annex III - Financial Offer, which has been has been uploaded to the document library as Annex III - Financial Proposal (corrected after QA).