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Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)
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Query 1
1. Our HQ is outside the EU and we intend to submit the bid from our EU entity. Is this allowed?
Point 16 of Annex I ‘Tender specifications’ states: ‘Participation in the Agency’s procurement procedure is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons or groupings of such persons (consortia) falling within the scope of the Treaties. It includes all economic operators registered in the EU and all EU citizens. Pursuant to Article 176 of the Financial Regulation, participation in procurement procedures shall be open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons within the scope of the Treaties and to all natural and legal persons established in a third country which has a special agreement with the Union in the field of procurement under the conditions laid down in such an agreement. It shall also be open to international organisations. The Agency can therefore accept offers from and sign contracts with tenderers from 35 countries, namely: the 28 EU Member States, 3 European Economic Area (EEA) Countries (Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland) and 5 Stabilisation and Associations Agreements (SAA) Countries (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). The Agency’s procurement procedures are not open to tenderers from countries covered by the Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA).’