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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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Management fee for the organisation of an event
We understand that a unique management fee applies per event, based on its location. However, you have described in your specifications a variety of events (one for 10 participants lasting one week, or a standard meeting gathering 50 to 70 persons, or a conference for 1000 stakeholders). Such variety implies distinct management fees (because distinct resources and time allocation for the organisation of each of these three typologies of events). Could you please elaborate as we find this flat rate per event, regardless of the size of event, difficult in terms of implementation and comprehension, in order to define a price ?
The management fee for organisation of events to prepare, coordinate, find/book venues, etc. is a flat rate per event taking into consideration the complexity of the organisation based on the location (Belgium, EU/EFTA, third countries). Added to this flat rate, the contractor will apply management fees per participant for the travel and management fees for the accommodation. Therefore, the number of participants and thus the contractor’s resources to be dedicated should be covered by these fees (flat rate plus travel fees plus accommodation fees). Under point 2.2.1 of the Technical specifications, there is an estimation of the frequency by type of events that the Contractor will be requested to provide.