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Contract for SAT-AIS Data Service
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European Maritime Safety Agency
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Detection density
In reference to point Detection density per ship and orbit, please detail the requirement and describe further the expected measure.
Section 2.3.24 and subsequent point refers to the requirement that “the Bidder shall provide the methodology that will be applied for assessing the quality and capability of the SAT-AIS data service and shall give details on the approach that will be taken in determining the (…) detection density per ship and orbit.” The bidder is requested to describe such methodology and approach used for computing volumetric values that would be required to be reported in the Service Evaluation Report as stated in section 2.6.6 and consecutive points 2.6.6. and " (...)The analysis shall contain, as a minimum, detailed information on compliance or divergences on the following technical parameters: (...) Number of detections for each ship during each orbit (only if required)”.