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Pilot Project to Evaluate and Address the Presence of Lindane and Hexachlorocycl...
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European Commission, DG for Environment (ENV)
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Related to TS. Page 21, Duration of the tasks
Based on the dynamic environment of the projects and many stakeholders involved, it is foreseeable that Task 2 cannot be completed on all sites after exactly 2 years. What is the rationale behind the 2 year time duration ? It is in the interest of all stakeholders involved to be able to finalize actions started up. Will DG Environment allow extension of the time schedule for the supporting services beyond the duration in the specification?
In the offer, the tenderer should respect the foreseen maximum duration of 24 months and plan the activities accordingly. The period of performance of the contract can be extended, if needed, but only after the written agreement of both parties before the expiration of such period.