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ISDLS2 — External Service Provision for Development, Maintenance and Consultancy...
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European External Action Service (EEAS)
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Technical Specifications - point 6.3 Replacement
(a) Can you please confirm the handover period in case of replacement is 10-15 days? (b) Is Parallel running allowed? (c) Is shadowing allowed? (d) Can you please confirm that the replacement of a resource does not have to comply with the ordering process description i.e. no proposal is necessary etc.
(a) As stated in point 6.3. Replacement of the Technical Specifications "The handover period (where both consultants provide services in parallel) shall be at least 10 working days, free of charge for the EEAS. If this requirement cannot be met, 15 working days shall be performed by the replacement consultant free of charge for the EEAS." (b) (c) All type of knowledge transfer is possible, provided that it meets the requirement stated in point 6.3. Replacement of the Technical Specifications, 3rd paragraph "In all cases, the Contractor shall arrange sufficient training during the handover period so that the replacement consultant is immediately operational when the original consultant is withdrawn, guaranteeing continuity of the service provided to the EEAS". (d) The replacement shall comply with the ordering process, including the proposal. As stated in point 6.3. Replacement of the Technical Specifications, "The Contractor is obliged to make a proposal of a competent replacement consultant triggered by a replacement request from EEAS in the following cases […]" and "The contractor's proposal shall always comply with all the requirements set out for candidates in the request. "