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Technical Assistance Facility for the Clean Ocean Initiative in Sub-Saharan Afri...
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Budget presentation and extra costs
The Tender provides a budget and the number of projects to be delivered by the consultant at each stage of the implementation (identification, pre-feasibility, feasibility, pilot projects). However, details about the projects are unknown at this moment, and, therefore, a level of effort per project cannot be appropriately prepared at this stage of the tender. How is the Contracting Authority going to tackle issues related to extra costs incurred by the Consultant due to studies and projects with extraordinary level of effort.
The bidders will have to explain in their methodology how they intend to scope the projects so that they remain relevant and within the set budget. It will be the responsibility of the consultant to size projects adequately. The required level of effort for preparation of projects will also be considered in the selection of projects subject to feasibility studies.