Informaciones de las convocatorias de concurso

PROC/2014/22 - Application development, maintenance and service desk (ADM & SD).
Poder adjudicador:
European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
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Información relativa a la pregunta
Sealed envelopes for submission.
The Letter for Invitation requests the tender to be submitted in 2 sealed envelopes. As the tender consists of 1 original and 2 copies and an electronic version, each containing 3 offers (administrative, technical, financial), we kindly ask you to exactly state which parts of the offer shall be placed in which envelope.
The entirety of the contents of the tender (originals + copies + electronic version) shall be put inside two envelopes. First, the whole tender shall be placed in one sealed envelope. And that sealed envelope shall be placed inside another sealed envelope. This is in order that the tender may still be admissible and un-tampered if the first envelope is accidentally opened by the mail service. The parts of the tender do not need to be separated into different envelopes.