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WP1 - Task 2 - Clarification of text
1. Regarding WP1 - Task 2, the first study to be delivered after 18 months, will extract barriers from the case studies that are performed under WP1 - Task 1 to date and the former BIO. Furthermore additional barriers will be extracted from 50 promising innovations to together reach a complete overview on EU level barriers faced for the uptake of innovation and/or crossing borders. Is this correct?
As mentioned on p. 12 "In particular, the study shall: i. First, take into consideration the innovative solutions showcased in the case studies produced under Task 1 (and those previously developed by the BIO, if relevant); ii. Secondly, pick-up a set of extra 50 promising innovations, with a potential for company and market international growth, from other sources." However the contractor can also use further sources.