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Section 4.3.4 Technical and Professional capacity criteria and evidence, Criterion 6: Capacity to obtain access to data and permission of owners.
1 - Is it a requirement that prior to tender submission, individual bidders obtain written permission for use of their data within this portal from all contributing organisations across Europe? If so we would appreciate EASME’s views on the following issues: 2- Are any charges made by contributing organisations for supply and free onward use of their data included within the budgetary scope of this requirement? 3- Given the number of organisations across Europe with data relevant to this requirement, does EASME feel that the procurement time-line is sufficient to manage the logistics of dealing with the contractual, licensing, terms of use and commercial negotiations involved in data agreements of this nature across such a wide supply chain? 4 - How will EASME ensure that individual contributing agencies will deal with numerous bidders during the tender process with equality and consistency?
1 -Yes. It is necessary to include the written permission in the tender. 2 - The tenderer must make a fix price offer. The price will take account any charges borne by the tenderer in obtaining use of the data. Please take also into consideration that according to section 3.6 of the call for tenders, tenderers themselves will bear the costs of drawing up their tenders and EASME will not be liable to pay any compensation if a tender is rejected or if it decides not to select any tender. 3- Yes. The call is open for longer than the minimum permitted in order for such matters to be dealt with properly. Experience has shown that it is sufficient. 4- EASME evaluates the tenders once they are submitted. It has no role in the negotiations by tenderers with their partners and sub-contractors in preparation for the bid.