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General helpdesk services.
European Court of Auditors (ECA)
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Annex 1 - Draft Contract
In the draft contract you state that: "In the case of a framework contract, signature of the Contract does not imply any purchase obligation on the part of the Court. Only the application of said Contract by means of a specific contract (also called a "purchase order") shall be binding on the Court. 2.16. When the Court has sent a purchase order to the Contractor, it should be returned duly signed and dated by the latter within five (5) business days of the date on which it was sent by the Court."... Is that contract a framework contract? If it is, will all service elements be ordered separately? and if yes how? What will the order road-map/life-cycle be and where is ti described?
The contract in question is a hybrid contract which contain a direct part and a framework part. The provision of General Helpdesk Services (except for additional services) according to tender specifications is based on a direct service contract. The signature of the service contract implies the purchase of General Helpdesk Services at the annual flat rate indicated in the financial offer. AS mentioned, the additional services are an exception to the above rule. The signature of the service contract does not imply the purchase of additional services, their ordering can be done only by means of purchase orders (additional services constitute an framework part of the contract). There is no specific order road-map/life-cycle for additional services, they will be ordered when the need arises.