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Framework Contract – Technical and Logistical Support to the Activities of the D...
European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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Technical Offer
1. Please can you confirm that the general part is the parts addressing criterion 1 and 2, and that specific parts are the parts addressing the Case Studies 1, 2 and 3? 2. Can you please confirm that we can refer to the general parts from the case studies? For example refer to specific methodologies and roles and responsibilities? 3. Can you please confirm that you want the Tenderer to describe in the general parts its contract organisation, tools and means as methodologies to implement all tasks in section 2.2.2? 4. Can you please confirm that the bullets in the description fields of the table of section 4 (Contract Award Criteria) is the obligatory and minimum aspects to be demonstrated in the general part? We ask so that we address 100% your requirements so please be kind enough to be specific instead of re-stating the terms of reference. Many thanks in advance.
1. As indicated in section 4 “contract award criteria”, award criteria 1 and 2 will be applied to evaluate the general presentation and award criteria 3, 4, 5 will be applied to evaluate the 3 case studies. 2. The bidder should concretely apply the approach, structure and tools described in the general part to the case studies. 3. To be specific: please refer to section 1.11, part D, 1): The general part of the technical offer shall focus on a description of how the tenderer intends to implement the service, the proposed general approach, structure and tools. In particular it should be detailed how he will a) run several requests in parallel, b) ensure the timely response to requests as foreseen under point 1.3., c) communicate with the contracting authority in the context of a request for service, d) ensure that each project is properly followed by a dedicated team, e) ensure the timely reporting (technical report and invoice). 4. The table under section 4 “contract award criteria” contains the award criteria against which the offer will be evaluated. For each criteria the total maximum points are indicated. Tenders must score minimum 60% for each criterion and sub-criterion, and minimum 70 % in total. Tenders that do not reach the minimum quality levels will be rejected and will not be ranked.