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Cleaning, Waste Management and other Related Services
European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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Annex II – Costing sheet
In order to determine an accurate price for cleaning services, the following information is required: • Room finishing schedule per floor with type of rooms, m2 and floor type; • The number of upholstered furniture pieces, preferably with pictures and information about the type of furniture, sizes and type of fabric. Can you please provide this information?
For the requested information, please see Annex XX: Additional information. Please note that further details can be found in Annex XXI to XXVII, which have been published in e-Tendering as additional Annexes. Please also note that the EMA building is still a construction site and the figures provided are best estimations only. It is not possible for the Agency to be more precise at this point in time. Dimensions are visual estimations based on the floorplans (using grid distances as a reference) and simplification has been applied to arrive at an aggregate m2 value for main material finishes in the building. IMPORTANT NOTICE: As indicated in the Costing sheet (Annex II), sheet 1: Cleaning services (cell A10), tenderers shall provide a detailed breakdown of the lump sum quoted. This breakdown shall be as detailed as possible, with prices per m2 of different materials, units or items to be cleaned, as well as the proposed team with hourly rates per team member. In case the actual size of the building in m2 or total number of units/items to be cleaned in practice is different from the size/ amount provided based on the best estimates given in the technical specifications, and as further clarified in response to this Question 43, the lump sum will be adjusted pro rata for the material(s) and/or unit(s)/item(s) for which a deviation is objectively identified.