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Administrative forms, Annex Ia - Tender submission form Sub-contractors
Is the Economic and Financial Capacity Overview required for Subcontractors that have below 10% of the contract value? The Sub-Form states as follows: The amount to be received by the Subcontractor is above % of the total value of the contract. However it does not mention the value of the percentage. Next to this question in the sub-form there are 2 buttons, one for Yes and one for No. Once it is clicked No as answer for the question, it still opens a page in the sub-form with financial data to be filled by the sub-contractor who has below 10% of the contract value. Therefore please clarify if the sub-contractor who has less than 10% of the contract value have to provide financial data? If not, how should we proceed in filling the submission forms? We would kindly appreciate to receive an answer as soon as possible.
On the basis of the published tender specifications, the tender must identify the participating operators (members) by filling in the relevant points of Annex Ia (tender submission form). The tender shall clearly specify the role and tasks of each member within the tender. Moreover, tenderers are required to identify subcontractors whose share of the contract is above 10% and all subcontractors whose capacity is necessary to fulfil the selection criteria (hereinafter referred to as "identified subcontractors"). This percentage is not visible in the submission form; however, as the 10%-threshold is indicated in the tenders' specifications, the tenderers shall proceed by filling ''yes'' or "no" in the field "The amount to be received by the subcontractor is above % of the total value of the contract". Please note that if ''no'' is selected, no further financial data is necessary to be filled in in the sub-form.