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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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Award criterion on price
P.22 of the ToR states that the price of the tender is a combination of the estimates for the three case studies. As it stands, nothing guarantees that contenders cannot deliberately underestimate the price of a purely hypothetical exercise and obtain an unfair advantage over 40% of the award criteria. It has happened in previous tenders, as nothing forces a winning company to stick to a simulated pricing. This encourages contenders to present simulations that simply are not realistic and is a handicap for responsible professionals. It also contains the risk that the result is challenged, and all have worked for nothing as a new tender must be launched. What measures has the EC envisaged to ensure that this cannot happen?
As stated on page 1 of annex II “Case studies”, “For the award of the contract, the tenderer shall, as indicated in the technical specifications, point 1.11 (structure and content of the tender) part D, part 2): (…) submit a detailed budget including all the services and or equipment requested using strictly the prices stated in the list of prices (Annex III) using the same layout as the list of prices.” Moreover as also indicated in the Case studies “For the purpose of comparing the financial offers, a fictive flat rate of 500€ for travel should be applied from/to any destination per participant and the price of 150€/night for accommodation /participant in any location.”