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Study on Sustainability Ratings and Research
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Technical and professional capacity
1. For evidence relating to the capacity to draft reports in English. Are there any parameters regarding the size or depth of reports/studies submitted in order to fulfil this criterion? 2. Is there a specific preferred format for the CVs that are to be submitted as evidence of profiles of the team delivering the service. 3. a. Will all the documents provided as evidence for meeting different criteria be made public? b. If we highlight in the certificate of satisfactory execution for a specific service that we are bound by confidentiality restrictions for this service, can the project be used to evaluate our eligibility but be kept from the public domain? 4. Can reference letters from clients serve as certificates of satisfactory execution?
1. We confirm that there are no specific parameters for this criterion. The capacity to draft reports in English must be clear from all elements submitted in support of the application, including previous reports, studies, certificates … 2. There is no mandatory format for the CVs except for the 2 A4 pages as indicated in the technical specifications. A possible format could be the Europass format, further information can be found here: https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/ 3. a. No, the evidence provided for the selection criteria will serve only for the internal evaluation of the tender by the evaluation committee and will not be made public. b. As mentioned in answer point 3.a., evidence including certificates of satisfactory execution will not be made public. 4. We confirm that reference letters are accepted as evidence as long as they are not generic and contain the details of the conducted projects as requested: sums, dates and recipients, public or private and specifying that they have been carried out in a professional manner and have been fully completed.