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Financial proposal
In Annex 4 it is not necessary to indicate the taxes while in the e-submission portal one of the required fields (when adding the tender offer) is tax total. Taking into account that the European Union is exempt of VAT, which is the tax total that has to be shown here? If VAT is excluded the only applicable taxes may be those related to staff costs (taxes on income, social security, etc). As these taxes depend on the country of each organization in a consortium and on the personal situation of every employee (married, children, etc), should an average amount be calculated (eg: 50% of the total staff costs)?
The prices to be quoted are, as indicated, exclusive of VAT. For staff costs the taxes are in fact the employers statutory payments. These employers cost actually form part of the total cost which are constituted by the gross salary plus the statutory employers cost per person employed. Thus these would be an integral part of the unit cost of that employee.