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Please note that the deadline for the submission of tenders has been extended until 29th March 2016 (17h00 in case of hand delivery.
Film-making services.
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European Court of Auditors (ECA)
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English (en)
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Award Criteria
In the tender specifications, Point 9.1 b) states that "The costs of the film described above should be consistent with the price offered by the tender in Form 7" - Does this mean that what we propose cannot exceed the price entered in Form 7 and do we need to include a specific price for our production. Thank you
The quality of your proposal to point 9.1 b) "2 minute video in English designed to introduce the European Court of Auditors to new MEPs" shall be reflected in the unit price indicated for a 2-minute film in Form 7. Please note that in Form 7 there four different categories (Tasks A-D) of 2-minutes film depending on the location of shooting. The tenderer based on its proposal shall choose the most appropriate category and indicate the unit price.