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Security and safety services Luxembourg.
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Financial Offer - Employees information
As required by the new local regulations of Luxembourg (“Convention Collective de Travail” for employees working in security and guarding companies), the new contractor has the obligation of keeping 100% of the employees of the previous contract and preserve their social rights. In order to allow a fair pricing and to not favor the previous contract owner : Please, could you provide us with the list of the employees of the previous contract and all the information related to their employment such as salary, grades, seniority bonus, premiums, social rights, etc. ? If the EIB does not have such information, please, could you confirm that the previous contract owner will share all these information in order to allow us to provide the EIB with a pricing based on the real human resources cost?
See answer to question 1. Please refer to Luxembourgish law. Pricing must follow the Financial Form provided