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Call for tender no Chafea/2017/Health/01 concerning the EU dimension to prevent ...
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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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Call for Tenders CHAFEA/2017/HEALTH/01 - Question on the timetable
Dear Sirs, According to the description of the deliverables in the technical specifications, the implementation of the survey is carried out in months 1-24 (page 16). But then, the first draft of deliverable D5 “Final report on the indepth analysis of the 2nd SEAS, with comparisons to the 1st SEAS” is expected 6 months before its delivery date (page 18), the latter being in month 30 (page 17), therefore in month 24, the same month that the survey ends. Could you please clarify? Thank you in advance.
The survey shall be implemented beginning month 1 and being carried out as soon as possible. All tasks of the implementation of the survey shall be finished month 24 latest, but possibly earlier. Data should be available well before month 24, so that analysis can be carried out.