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Study on eGovernment Benchmark 2020 — Smart 2019/0021
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European Commission, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CON...
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Questions regarding the Tender Specifications
Question 1: The Tender Specifications mention that “In order to ensure valid results, when discrepancies arise on the evaluations by two mystery shoppers looking at the same country, the measurement should be repeated under the supervision of the contractor’s central team.” Could you please indicate approximately how many measurements had to be repeated for this reason during the previous wave of the study? This would be very useful information for correctly pricing the bid. Question 2: Could you please clarify which countries might be added if it is decided to broaden the scope of the task? It is necessary to have this information in order to determine feasibility. Question 3: It is unclear what is covered under the maximum budget of €1.2M. The tender specifications seem to refer to this as the maximum budget for 2019. However, two contract renewals are also foreseen and it is unclear whether these renewals also fall within this limit of €1.2M. Could you thus please indicate how many waves of the study (i.e. Task 1: data collection, Task 2: organisation of the workshop and Task 3: provision of the Benchmark report, country factsheets and method paper) are included in the budget? Specifically, does the indicated budget of €1.2M thus cover the services that need to be provided under the first contract period or will it be split across the three contract periods (initial contract period + two renewals)? This clarification would be very important to be able to price the bid correctly.
Answer 1: The exercise and measurement performed by Mystery Shoppers should be performed once again with the participation and supervision of the contractor. Mystery Shoppers will execute exactly the same measurement, but with the help-supervision of the central team of the contractor. Answer 2: As mentioned in the open call, such countries could be countries that are potential candidates to joining the EU (i.e. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo). In addition, other European countries could be examined and participate in the exercise. Answer 3: The contract is renewed automatically up to 2 times for 12 months each. The total price quoted in the financial offer cannot exceed EUR 400 000 (four hundred thousand euros). Tenders with a higher total price will be rejected. The total price including the renewals cannot exceed EUR 1 200 000 (one million and two hundred thousand euros). All the tasks should be executed for each contract period, therefore the same exercise should be performed for the 1st year and for any potential renewal.