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ISDLS2 — External Service Provision for Development, Maintenance and Consultancy...
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European External Action Service (EEAS)
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Takeover and inception phase - during the first 3 months
In the quality award criteria you request for our approach for the first specific contracts of the first 3 months. Is there going to be a specific Request for an official Take-over from the incumbent contractor? and if yes, will that request designate a 3 months period for the Take-over? Can you please clarify what are your expectations regarding this point?
The Contracting Authority will decide on and request the services at the start of the framework contract, among the activities listed in point 2.2 Activities of the Technical Specifications, by means of standard requests, as described in point 4. Ordering process of the Technical Specifications. As stated in the Tender Specifications (point 6.3. Financial Tender), "the prices are all inclusive. This means that, unless otherwise mentioned in these tender specifications, prices tendered for shall include all the costs to be incurred by the tenderers in order to fully implement the contract". This logically includes the costs incurred for the phase-in period.