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ISDLS2 — External Service Provision for Development, Maintenance and Consultancy...
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European External Action Service (EEAS)
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Proximity and Nearshore infrastructure
In your answer to question 19, you ask Tenderers to take into account in their prices all costs associated to the infrastructure needed for the provision of Proximity and Nearshore services. On the contrary, in your answer to question 70, you state that the practical and technical modalities of such infrastructure will be discussed between the Contractor and EEAS upon award of the Contract. The above answers seem to contradict each other, since it is practically impossible for Tenderers to take into account and quote prices that include the respective costs of infrastructure that is not known and not defined in the tender specifications but will be discussed after contract award. In the frame of the above, could you please confirm that your answer to question 70 prevails and that all needs in terms of proximity and nearshore infrastructure will be defined after contract award (at the SC level), while the associated costs will be reimbursed by EEAS seperately?
We confirm the answer to question 19. As stated in the Tender Specifications (in point 6.3 Financial tender) "The prices for the tender must be tendered […] all inclusive”. “All inclusive” includes the technical infrastructure for proximity and/or near-shore services. Therefore, the associated costs for proximity and near-shore infrastructure will not be reimbursed by EEAS separately. They have to be included in the financial tender. In the “Technical specification, point 2. Service description” defines the services that might be performed by the Contractor and the Annex 11 gives the list of the software products in use at the EEAS. In answer to award sub-criterion 3.3, It is up to the tenderer to explain by what ways or means he makes sure that the technical infrastructure will be available for proximity and/or near-shore services. The answer to question 70 only concerns the remote connection to the EEAS environment if such a connection is necessary. We confirm the answer to question 70. The practical and technical modalities of this remote connection will be discussed between the Contracting Authority and the Contractor.