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Framework contracts for the maintenance service of JRC's emission test facilitie...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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Documentation related to sub-supplier/s
Dear Jrc, is it mandatory to provide the documentation about sub-supplier/s in fase of tender submission or the Contracting Authority reserves to require the documents after tender award. We precise that a list and description of possible sub-supplier/s will be enclosed in inner envelope.
Please consider the following articles of the Administrative Annex, in particular point 3.2 non-exclusion and selection 1.2.2 Subcontracting Tenderers must identify subcontractors ("identified subcontractors" hereafter): • on whose capacities the tenderer relies upon to fulfil the selection criteria as described under Section 2.3; • whose individual share of the contract is above 20%. 2.1 2.1. Order and basis of evaluation Where the value of the awarded contract is equal to or above EUR 135,000, the successful tenderer shall be required to provide before contract signature and within a deadline given by the Contracting Authority the following documentary evidence: • Supporting documents of non-exclusion listed in the "Declaration on Honour on Exclusion and Selection criteria" (Annex 1). In case of a joint tender this evidence must be provided by each member of the group. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to require the evidence also from identified subcontractors (see Section 1.2.2) and/or other entities on whose capacity is being relied for fulfilment of the selection criteria (see Section 1.2.3). 3.1. Identification of the tenderer • if applicable, the names of subcontractors and entities on whose capacity the tenderer relies for fulfilling the selection criteria, as well as their tasks during contract execution, 3.2. Non-exclusion and selection As evidence of non-exclusion and fulfilment of selection criteria it is sufficient at the tender submission stage to submit the "Declaration on Honour on Exclusion and Selection criteria" (Annex 1), signed and dated by an authorised representative of: o (if applicable) each identified subcontractor (see Section 1.2.2), and