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The tender deadline has been extended. The financial offer form and Annex 7 have been adjusted see document library.
HADEA/2022/OP/0011 – Multiple Framework Contracts in Cascade for Support Actions...
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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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Case study
The text in Annex 8 (page 48) regarding the case study required as part of the technical offer states that the tender "... shall specify the details of the organisation of the work, the detailed methodology to be applied, as well as cost estimation". It is unusual for details of a tenderer's financial offer [i.e. costs] to be included in a technical offer. Please could you confirm whether you are indeed expecting costs (rather than, for instance, information on number of days / level of effort) to be included in the technical offer document (case study).
The case study in Annex 8 should not include a cost estimation in the technical offer. This rather should be included in the section in the financial offer with the description of the case study tasks (E46:E53). It is recommended to refer to Section 4.2 of the Tender Specifications which outlines what is expected in relation to the content within the technical and financial offers.