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Framework contract for organisation of events outside of Poland.
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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total cost - contractor´s fee
Basic facts - please confirm if we are right: 1) Total cost of the event (incl. the cost of accommodation for all participants) should incl VAT. 2) There will be the specific order (of services to be covered by contractor, no other costs shall be reimbursed) 3) Contractor´s fee shall be calculated from the costs inclusive of VAT. 4) What will be the base for calculation of contractor´s fee? A) Total costs of event (with VAT)? B) Total costs minus costs for services from specific order? 5) Is Frontex prepare to pay all costs with VAT? Thank you
Replies: Question 1) Yes, all costs should include VAT, according to the local tax law. The exemption from VAT concerns Frontex only, not the contractor, therefore the contractor should cover all services in line with the local tax law. Question 2) Yes Question 3) Yes, i.e. all costs covered by the contractor according to the specific order. Question 4) The basis for contractor's fee is the value of total costs covered (paid) by the contractor in line with the specific order. 5) Yes. Frontex is exempted from VAT only directly, the exemption does not concern invoices issued by subcontractors. Only contractors of Frontex established outside of Poland can issue invoices without VAT based on the 1510 VAT exemption certificate form issued by Frontex.