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Legal services.
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European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol)
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references for lot 3
With respect to lot 3 Europol requires proven experience in providing legal advice, including to at least 1 EU institution or agency (2.6.3 under a.i). Furthermore, Europol requires proven ability to provide legal advice, including to EU institutions or agencies (2.6.3 under a.iii). 2 client references are required for the latter requirement. Would you please confirm that 1 reference regarding a EU institution or agency, and 1 reference regarding any other client (related to procurement procedures of EU institutions or agencies) will be sufficient with respect to both requirements? We are of the opinion that if an economic operator is able to advise a EU institution or agency once, it is expected to be able to do so twice or more. Furthermore, if we advised economic operators on procurement procedures of EU institutions or agencies, we are able to demonstrate our capacity to deal with the specific text on procurement of EU institutions or agencies (financial regulation, PRAG, etc.).
Yes, Europol can confirm that for 2.6.3. under a.iii, 2 client references of which 1 is from an EU institution or agency and 1 is from another client (related provision of advice on EU legal procurement) is sufficient. Please note that for 2.6.3. under a.i, the document necessary to be submitted is a " short and concise presentation of the law firm" highlighting the firm's experience in EU public procurement, including for at least 1 EU institution or agency.