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Supporting EU/EEA, EU pre-accession and neighbouring countries in public health ...
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Draft protocol
Section 4.1 of the tender specification requests that for each Lot “As an example, a brief (maximum 5 pages) draft protocol and analytical strategy for conducting a literature review on the effectiveness of school closures as a preparedness measure for EU Member States to reduce the transmission of highly contagious infectious diseases.” Please could you advise, in the case of the three lots where there are multiple types of activity (e.g. 1a/1b, 2a/2b and 4a/4b/4c) do you require: -a draft protocol per each type of activity -one 5 page protocol which describes all types of activity (e.g. workshop, desktop and command-post) -an example protocol of one of the activities within that Lot
The draft protocol to be submitted should be based on only one of the activities within the chosen lot as an example.