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Support to the Implementation of the Reconstruction of the Public Lighting Syste...
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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EIB - Support to the Implementationof the Reconstruction of the Public Lighting System in Mariupol 2019/S 044-099471
Dear All, I have the following question. If a company is implementing in consortium the following project: EIB - Provision of Technical Assistance to the Programme Management and Support Unit (PMSU) at the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Architecture and Communal Services of Ukraine, is it eligible to participate in the current call for tender? Thank you. Best regards,
Please note, that the eligibility issue was clarified by the EIB to the tenderers during the selection process for the “TA to the PMSU” (ref: MHA-1468), which states that “The Service Provider and his core team providing services to PMSU in programme / project management and monitoring, in projects preparation and implementation will not be eligible to provide services to specific projects under the same programme during the duration of his assignment”.