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Provision of Interim Staff Services for Frontex
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Validation of documents provided on RFP launch dated JUL 2019
In consideration of voided RFP publicated on TED e-tendering on the 26th JUN 2019, please confirm if provided documents signed by hand on JUL 2019, in particular declaration on honour and any other documents will be still acceptable?
Since this is a new procurement procedure no documents can be accepted when submitted to other tender procedures except Annex V - declaration on honour which states that: "The person is not required to submit the declaration on exclusion criteria if the same declaration has already been submitted for the purposes of another award procedure of the same contracting authority, provided the situation has not changed, and that the time that has elapsed since the issuing date of the declaration does not exceed one year" However, the refernce to the previous procedure should be indicated on the declaration (see page 1 of the declaration).